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New World | New Love: A Martha Jones/Handy Comm
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new world | new love
A Martha Jones/Handy Shipping Community

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Whether you call him 10.5, 10.2, human!Doctor, alt!Doctor, bluesuit!Doctor, other Ten, or -- my affectionate favorite -- Handy, the Doctor's clone, grown from his severed hand at the end of series 4, has captured the imagination of many a fan. He is a character that is imbued with so many possibilities for this new human life that he is embarking on in the alt!verse/parallel world, and many people have been enjoying exploring those exciting possibilities in fan fiction, fanart, and a myriad of other creative expressions.

That brings us here. Sure, at the end of 'Journey's End' we saw the Doctor leaving this newborn gent with Rose to take care of, but while that might be the end of a journey in some ways for other characters, the human Doctor's story does not end at Bad Wolf Bay -- it truly begins.

With so many choices laid out before him, one avenue this community wishes to explore is the possibility of a relationship between this human Doctor and the Martha Jones (of the parallel universe or, in an AU setting, our own). The idea of the community is not to be disrespectful of any relationship he may have had with Rose in the parallel world, but instead to play around with one of his other options.

This community aims to be a haven for not only fan fiction about this pairing, but fanart (icons, headers, banners, drawings...you name it!), meta, and anything else that is topical for these two characters together.

The Martha Jones in these fics can either be the one from the alt!verse -- a character ripe for her own creative expression, as she remains canonically a mystery to us -- or for the Martha Jones we have all come to know and love in our own universe. (NOTE: Of course the latter would be based on an AU universe where Handy was not dropped off in the parallel world, but stayed in ours instead, but I've already seen several creative ideas for this pairing and wholeheartedly welcome more of that here).

I greatly look forward to seeing what all of you have to offer in celebration of this intriguing, interesting, and inspiring pairing!

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community rules:

+ Most importantly, stay on topic. For example, Handy and Martha and their relationship to one another [in either universe] is on topic, but Ten and Martha and their relationship to one another, without any reference to the Handy/Martha relationship, is off-topic.
+ Rose Tyler can feature in your story/art/etc, of course, but the Handy/Martha relationship should be the main focus of things. Also, please no Rose-bashing or ship wars. Writing insightful and articulate meta about how you believe Rose might not be right for Handy [and Martha is instead] is one thing, but childish bashing of her character is another thing entirely. Please be mature, people. Everyone has different tastes and different favorites, we are here to celebrate a mutual favorite of ours, not to hate on another pairing.
+ On a related note: Be nice to each other. Sure, we can have a few heated debates here and there, but please stay respectful to one another.
+ Fanart, fan fiction, and other fannish-offerings are very much encouraged, but if you post something that is sexually explicit, please put it behind an lj-cut and put a warning for the rating.
+ When posting icons, graphics, or photos, please feel free to post as many as you like. If you are posting more than three photos and/or icons, though, please put the rest behind an lj-cut. An lj-cut goes as follows: [*lj-cut text="text goes here..."]{pictures/longer text}[*/lj-cut]. (Just remove the stars and replace the [ ] for <> for a successful cut.)
+ When cross-posting icons, please try and keep the icons you post here on topic. The entire set does not need to be Martha/Handy, of course, but a batch of Donna and Ten icons [while quite beautiful, I'm sure] with no icons of Martha/Handy is off-topic. Also, it is preferred if you keep your 'preview icons' [the icons before your lj-cut] on topic, if possible.
+ No pimping of other communities without permission from the mod
+ We love affiliates! If you'd like affiliate with us, please feel free to drop me a line at the link below or send a PM for consideration.

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Want to affiliate? Comment here (or send us a PM).

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